Announcement of Mid-Term Vacancy

Asotin County Conservation District is pleased to announce an opportunity to contribute to conservation and your community by serving on the Board of Supervisors.  Supervisors are public officials who identify local conservation needs, set priorities, and oversee the implementation of plans to protect soil, water, wildlife, and other renewable natural resources.  Five members comprise the Board, each serving a three-year term without compensation.  Three of the five Supervisors are elected by registered Asotin County voters, and the other two are appointed by the Washington State Conservation Commission.


Candidate Skills, Qualifications & Requirements

The following skills, qualifications and expectations will be consistently required of any candidate seeking a board position:

  1. a)    Willingness and ability to work and communicate effectively with a team;

  2. b)    Willingness to fully participate in board discussions and decisions in open, public meetings;

  3. c)    Willingness and ability to be respectful of Staff and other Supervisors;

  4. d)    Functional knowledge of Conservation Districts;

  5. e)    Willingness and ability to meet all Supervisor requirements set forth in appropriate Board of Supervisors policies;

  6. f)     Willingness and ability to participate in various leadership roles, if needed, such as special committees or board officer position;

  7. g)    Willingness and ability to represent the District to other public entities and policymakers upon request of the board;

  8. h)    Willingness and ability to complete a Washington State Conservation Commission orientation within 90 days of assuming office;

  9. i)      Willingness and ability to complete the Open Public Meetings Act and Public Records Management training within 90 of assuming office;

  10. j)     Having a basic working knowledge or email and internet; and,

  11. k)    Willing and able to serve the best interest of the citizens of the Conservation District, with the ability to put aside personal feelings, issues and grievances.

Any appointee to a vacant elected supervisor position must still be eligible to serve under WAC 135-110-910. 

Policy for Filling Vacancy of an Elected Position Mid-Term

A vacancy in the office of elected conservation district supervisor is filled, by a majority vote of the remaining Conservation District Board Members, for the remainder of the unexpired term, subject to verification of supervisor qualifications by the Conservation Commission (WAC 135-110-970; RCW 42.12.070)

Procedures for filling the Elected Position Mid-Term

Candidates must provide an application packet that includes:

  •          A completed application form Click Here

  •          A resume (no longer than two pages)

  •         A list of at least three community references (prefer organizations that have collaborative partnerships with the District)

Candidates can submit the application: Electronically to with the subject line “Mid-Term Supervisor Application”


Application Packages may be submitted in person or by mail: Asotin County Conservation District “Mid-Term Supervisor Application” 720 6th Street, Suite B, Clarkston, WA 99403

Application packets must be received by 4:30 pm (PST) on June 21, 2019 to be considered. 

Application packets will be reviewed and circulated to the Board and the District’s assigned Commission Regional Manager as received.  The decision as to which candidates will be interviewed will be determined by the Board, based on information contained in the application packet. 

The Vice Chair (or other board designee) will conduct the reference checks and input from staff will be collected, disseminated and reviewed by the Board prior to candidate interviews.  The Board will determine interview questions, with Staff input, prior to the interviews and ensure that each applicant is asked the approved set of questions. 

The District Programs & Operations Coordinator will notify applicants of the location, date and time of the candidate interviews.  The interviews with candidates must be held in an open public meeting.  The candidates’ order of appearance will be determined by the date and time their application was received.  The Board shall ask the pre-determined set of questions, which must be responded to by the candidate.  Each applicant will be asked to answer the same set of questions.  Follow up questions, based on responses, are permitted.  An informal question and answer period (up to 10 minutes) may be allowed upon agreement of a majority of the Board, in which the Board and Staff asks and receives answers to miscellaneous questions.   

Appointing a Candidate

The Board will base their candidate selection decisions upon information obtained in the application packet, the references, interviews and other material gathered through public avenues, as necessary, to choose a representative of the District.  Upon completion of the interviews, the Board may deliberate on the candidate(s).  The meeting Chair shall poll the Board to determine if they are prepared to vote.  The selection of a candidate to fill the vacancy is made by a majority vote of the remaining Board Members.  Voting will take place in the open meeting and outcomes recorded in the official minutes.  The Board may postpone an appointment decision until another date, if a majority vote is not received.  In addition, the Board may decide by majority vote that none of the candidates meet the desired and/or qualifications needed to balance the board makeup and maximize benefit to district functions.  In this case, the Board will designate a new application deadline in the future.  Active and passive recruitment would occur again during the interim. 

It is noted the Board may convene into Executive Session to discuss the qualifications of the candidates, pursuant to RCW 42.30.110(1)(h).  However, all interviews, nominations and votes taken by the Board must be held in open public session.  The Board may not determine who to select or reach a consensus on a preferred candidate in Executive Session. 

Once appointed, the new Board Member will assume their board responsibilities immediately.  The term of the candidate selected to fill the vacancy will be in effect until the current term expires.  The incumbent may choose to run for election at that time. 

The current vacancy position expires in 2020.