Asotin Geomorphic Assessment and Conceptual Restoration Plan

Asotin County Conceptual Restoration Plan provides a framework for prioritizing restoration and develop a series of conceptual project ares. Select from the links below for more information.

  • Geomorphic Assessment (coming soon)
    • Appendix (coming soon)
  • Conceptual Restoration Plan
    • Tier 1 Maps (coming soon)
    • Tier 2 Maps (coming soon)
    • Tier 3 Maps (coming soon)
    • Tier 4 Maps (coming soon)
  • Watershed Priority Maps (coming soon)
    • Alpowa Creek (coming soon)
    • Asotin Creek (coming soon)
    • Couse Creek (coming soon)
    • George Creek (coming soon)
    • Tenmile Creek (coming soon)