Public Comment Wanted for 5-Year Plan

The purpose of this long-range plan is to guide the work of ACCD over the next five years. This is intended to be a working plan, which will continue to evolve as necessary to ensure ACCD responds to changing needs. The plan also identifies current obligations that have already been committed to which will take place during the five-year period covered by the plan.

ACCD invites the public to submit comments on the draft of the 2024-2028 Five Year Plan. Comments can be submitted to [email protected]

Comments are due by November 6th at 4:30 pm

5-Year Plan

Sustainable Farms & Fields

WCC is Hiring for the Conservation Crew

Must be *18-25 years old. Members earn a living allowance of $1,253 twice a month ($2,506/month, pre-tax) and an AmeriCorps Education Award of $1,718.25 after completing a 3-month term (450 hours). Educational loan forbearance, health insurance and a Member Assistance Program (MAP) are available. Successful applicants will be required to verify their vaccination record or seek a medical or religious exemption for the 22-23 service term. *Age restrictions do not apply to those with military service or with mental or sensory disabilities.
Position start date: June 12, 2023

Home Ignition Zone Assessments

The district will be able to do “Firewise” type home assessments all year long. Research around home destruction vs. home survival in wildfires point to embers and small flames as the main way that most homes ignite in wildfires. There are procedures for homeowners to prepare their homes to withstand ember attacks and minimize the likelihood of flames or surface fire reaching the home or any attachments. ACCD will do home located in forested and rangeland/rural urban interface areas. There is no better time than NOW to prepare your home and property. Contact us if you’d like a free home assessment!