Salmon in the Classroom


The Salmon in the Classroom program, established in 1991 by WDFW, created as an educational project to encourage respect for water resources and promote responsible behavior towards the environment.

The program brings aquarium tanks with native, cold water fish eggs nearly ready to hatch into classrooms; let students and teachers watch the transformation happen and young fish emerge from eggs and grow, and have the kids work on salmonoid-themed lessons over a 50-75 day period before the fish are released.

fish release5-24-19.jpeg


Teachers and school districts are big fans of the program, since curriculum elements -- salmon life cycle, understanding and measuring water quality, wildlife observation, habitats and watersheds, using real-world mathematical calculations to track fish, predict ideal water temperatures, and estimate fish growth rates -- correlate with Next Generation Science and Common Core Standards. Students, meanwhile, love the up-close connection with live animals, even if their finned subjects smell, a little fishy.