• ACCD Board Meeting - Thursday, August 8 at 6:00 pm at ACCD 
  • ACNWCB - Weed Board Meeting - Tuesday, June 18 -CANCELLED

Over 80 Years of Conservation

Most people agree...that conservation works best when people who live and work in an area learn to take care of their own natural resources. As legal sub-divisions of Washington State government, conservation districts are self-governed by a five-member volunteer board that establishes local priorities and sets policy. The Asotin County Conservation District (ACCD) Board is composed of local farmers, landowners, and concerned citizens and is dedicated to maintaining Asotin County's renewable natural resources.
Our Mission
The ACCD's mission is to provide voluntary, incentive based options that support working landscapes while protecting and enhancing our natural resources. 

Its priorities and goals include:

  • Protection and improvement of surface and groundwater quality
  • Watershed planning and implementation
  • Riparian restoration and enhancement
  • Forest stewardship
  • Community wildfire prevention & protection
  • Fish and wildlife habitat enhancement
  • Conservation education
These goals are met through ACCD's extensive technical assistance and public outreach programs. ACCD's volunteer board of supervisors, guides and administers the ACCD's programs to provide education and on-the-ground assistance to our cooperators.

ACCD staff works with private partners, local, state and federal government agencies, agricultural and environmental organizations, and other conservation districts. The ACCD is funded through grants, an annual native plant sale, and state general fund money requiring a dollar-for-dollar match.
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