Spot Burns


Burn Fees - Effective as of July 1, 2012

A spot burn permit is most commonly used to burn small weed patches, spots of heavy residue, equipment plugs and harrow dumps.  A spot burn permit allows the permit holder the opportunity to burn spots equaling up to a total of ten acres and is good for the calendar year in which it is issued.

Spot burn permits are available for purchase through our office.  The cost for a spot burn permit is $37.50.

All burning by commercial agricultural operations requires a permit except when burning:

  • Orchard prunings,

  • Natural vegetation along fence lines,

  • Irrigation and drainage ditches, or

  • Natural vegetation blown by the wind.


We do not issue field burning permits through our office.  Agricultural field burn permits are only issued by WA Department of Ecology, however we can assist with the applications process.

DOE Agricultural Field Burning Info

Contact the district to purchase spot burn permits, or if you have any questions call our office at 509-552-8117. 

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